Lucid Dream Chronicles – VR Effects


I can’t brag about my dreams IRL, because my friends either a.) have PTSD nightmares and need prazosin to keep them at bay OR b.) have dreams that are strange but somehow extremely boring. You know, I had an interest in controlling my mind and my dreams from a young age, and so it is a skill that has grown with time. I still remember the first time I controlled my dream. I will never forget the feeling of moving my fist through molasses to punch the face of the dream person that was in front of me. It was my first move when I became conscious in my dreams back then. I remember that I thought it was funny, and the guy had a face like the Mad TV cover guy.

I don’t do anything special before I go to bed now. I just fall asleep and let my subconsious decide what to serve me. Because I don’t necessarily want to lucid dream. I want to get good sleep. I don’t want to end up taking an extra morning nap just to continue my dream. But I did, this morning.

So, I got an Oculus Rift headset, fucking best purchase since buying the PS2. There is still a lack of great games for this system. It has only existed for so long, and games take many years to create. There are games like Ocean Rift that are mindblowing yet simple (if you love sea animals). And of course VR chat which is….exciting. Anyway, spending time in virtual reality gave my subconscious something new to play with.

The majority of my dreams a video-game-like. The vast majority. I honestly don’t know if anyone else is like this, but I assume so. A lot of them would be awesome ideas if I had a team of people to create them for me. I’ve even dreamed about being in a bullet-hell type landscape from a first-person perspective, in the past. It was really fun. I’ve dreamed about falling through bizarre and psychadelic landscapes, which were visually lovely. I actually got to do something like that for real recently, in Vrchat. People make some awesome worlds in that game.

So, anyway, my dream….I dreamt that I was playing a game. I was able to pull up a menu, and for a dream game I spent a lot of time using the menu. I tend to do that in games when I feel nervous, and this game was nerve-wrecking. I was a giant, on a team of giants. We had to fight another team. We had a hotbar with limited capacity, and I was desperately choosing between skills and healing chocolate bars to use while running from the other team, which was more powerful than ours. Our ranking was at stake, so we had to try and win. I remember choosing a powerful skill, only to face off with a character who had a rapid-fire gun that was just eating me away. I spammed healing chocos, and resolved to find some way to help my team. I ended up sniping and dodging for the longest time, before the Rapid-Fire Girl got me in another stand-off.

After that match, we ended up in a forest where we could sort ourselves out. It felt like a weird mix of being real and also a game. Some of the “evil” characters of the game were also in the forest, and would approach us to interact. There was this one baddie that was going from person to person and holding their hand, and doing…something to them. I ate one of my holy chocolates (lol idk) and tried to stay away from him, even though he said he was making us more powerful. I thought that maybe he would forget about me and ignore me. He approached me anyway, and I could feel his presence and smell as if he were real. He reached out to touch me, and put a hand on my head. Just then, a little dude popped up and informed me that my heartrate was 1,000/beats per minute (yeah….lol). The baddie took me to his limo, and told me we were going to the hospital. There were other baddies inside, but it was a neutral zone. I told them it would be cool to play as a baddie, but they told me that many of them were just bots. Eventually, I told them that I was fine. My heart was probably fast from my anxiety disorder, and they should take me back.

“I think it was because I touched you,” the main baddie said.

“Probably. I mean, I am afraid of you,” I said. He reached out towards me again, and I started to feel my heart flutter.

“Stay back.” One of the female baddies said. She reached out and took my pulse, declaring that it was at 99/bpm. Good enough.

The next fight, you can imagine what happened…that baddie called me out for having a crush on him. He transformed into a Great Ape from Dragonball Z that was wearing only underwear, and then threatened to turn back to human form in only underwear. I kept sleeping to continue my dream with him, and he actually did approach me in just his underwear. And then he turned into Seito Kaiba. So, you know, all the usual dream stuff that you would expect. Happy dreaming!



Synthetic Life – Avian



The synthetic avian being was hideous and featherless. Keri held it aloft on her arm, it’s claws more bird-like than it’s fleshy body, which was more reminiscent of some sort of subterranean lizard.

“Flappy envisions the world not just through the five senses, and neither do other types of vertebrates. There is also the part of the spinal cord that allows us to have an emotional experience of the world. This attaches emotions to every moment in time. Movements, sounds, and objects can become emotional experiences. Flappy can also read the emotions of others very accurately, by observing miniscule movements of their bodies as well as analyzing the variability of their heart’s beat. He has the impeccable hearing that many animals have. He may lack the higher functioning of a neocortex, but he has all the empathetic functioning that make animals so wonderful,” Keri said.

“I’m surprised that you would make something like that,” I said.

“Flappy says you’re lonely,” Keri said. The bird made a jarring squawking noise.

“Yeah. I’m a vampire, right? That’s how it is. Even humans are lonely,” I said.

“He says that your mind is screaming, and it’s gross,” Keri said. That caused my skin to prickle a little bit. I wondered if animals really could sense such things. Chirping melodically, the tune began to resemble the song that was playing loudly in my head. It was a fast-paced song that Alice listened to on repeat sometimes. It was catchy as fuck.

“There’s definitely some screaming in your head. You know, I think I can hear it too,” Keri said, dramatically leaning in towards me. I leaned back.

“My thoughts are pretty loud,” I said.

“Flappy says that you are just repeating what you are doing. Everything you did today. He says that’s what you always are saying. It’s repetitive as fuck. It’s like you won’t stop until someone hears it,” Keri said.

“Oh,” I said. That was right, actually. I sort of enjoyed doing that. I didn’t intend for anyone to listen in on my thoughts. I just liked to talk to my inner self. I was a self-narrator, and always had been.

“Well he says you do want someone to listen,” Keri said.

“Keri, I thought you couldn’t read my mind,” I said. Keri leaned in towards me again, with a childlike smile.

“Flappy,” she said. I sort of made me giggle. The featherless bird flapped it’s wings excitedly, looking as grotesque as a bat. It reminded me of my room back at my house. Painting the walls with my thoughts, ruminating over and over the same circles on the carpet. I wondered if it would have been different if I’d had someone to share my experiences with. I looked down at the ground I was standing on in that moment.

“Flappy also takes note of where your attention lies. That is sort of amazing, isn’t it? He can tell when your mind is paying attention. He can tell the direction. He can make inferences based on that,” Keri said.

“That sounds pretty advanced, Keri,” I said, begrudgingly impressed. She swished her skirt a bit, shyly.

“Actually, it’s quite primitive. I suspected that animals were capable of this much. They seem to know when you are thinking about them, don’t they? They know where your attention is directed. It’s from visual cues, yes. That’s obvious. But more beautiful subtlety lies in sound. We don’t realize what our bodies are screaming out into the world,” Keri said.

“How could he know specifically what I’m focusing on, though?” I asked.

“There are different emotional experiences tied to objects. Moments, even. Flappy can read them all, with the most primitive of minds. Honestly, the more advanced hardware in the human mind is all there to obfuscate such lovely machinery. It is the machine that creates fantasy and steals us away from the present moment. Flappy lacks that. He lives in the moment, and is a perfect observer of it,” Keri said.

“So, what am I focusing on now?” I asked.

“Flappy said: sad carpet. I don’t know what that means. Maybe you do,” Keri said.

“I do. Smart bird,” I said, admiring the ugly monster.

“He’s not much smarter than a normal bird. Let me remind you again. He does however know how to speak English, which makes him special,” Keri said.

“He does?” I asked. The bird stared at me.

“He doesn’t want to talk to you. He doesn’t like you,” Keri said. I felt dissapointed, and the bird squawked.

“Flappy is not really one for sympathy, Will. Guess that’s why you’re not appealing to him,” Keri said. I ignored her comment, and started to think about my own machinery.

“Do you think this is how vampires are able to read minds? Maybe we have similar machinery within us? Makes sense, since it is as simple as you say it is,” I said.

“I wouldn’t know. I seem to lack this ability, and so does Isa. I would need a very special test subject to uncover that great mystery,” she said, swishing her skirt again. Her attempts to seem girlish are lost on me, as I know how far removed she is from that fantasy.

“I don’t want to know that badly,” I said.

“You’re no scientist, Will. I’m dissapointed,” Keri said.

“We’re not all as reckless as you,” I said.

“We are all reckless for love, Will,” Keri said.