Comforting Thoughts on Chaos


So, I read the book How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil. Now, I’m a science fiction enthusiast, not a mathematician. Fortunately, he explains things so that people like me can understand them. It’s very nice of him, really. He’s a very recognizable name, which is why I bought the book.

So, I figured I would highlight the best part of the book, which is actually a theory that is totally mind blowing. I love getting my mind blown, as do many people. I will do my best to relay the mind blowing to you, and if I fail then go Google it, friend.

Anyway, so cellular automata are these bits that are programmed to react to whichever bit is next to it. The pattern forms as each new bit is created. There are rules, like if there is a black next to a white then the next will be white, basically. That’s as well as I understand that.

I have to give credit to the guy, Wolfram. Basically, this is a machine. It is a machine that creates a pattern…..however, they are unable to predict what the bot will do next. It is like pi, where you need to work out the equation in order to predict what the next number will be. There is no other way to know what will happen next. The automata follow the pattern, and the result is formed. We have no way of predicting what they will do. We can only watch. And, somehow, a pattern is formed.

Life is like that, Kurzweil theorizes. We cannot predict how society will form. We cannot predict how we will evolve. Yet, looking back, we can see a pattern. It’s truly beautiful, and awesome. Now that, my friends, is love. Namaste.

What are connections?



So, last night I had the opportunity to ask myself a question: what is a connection between two people? How is that made in a conversation? I found myself needing to explain this to one of my friends, and I decided to write it here.

So, it goes like this. I have a thought to express. I express it, in the form of an experience I’ve had, or in pop culture, or just bare.

If the other person understands, then they can express it back to me with one of their experiences. If I feel that it matches up with what I’m trying to express, then a connection is made. It’s like two paths, meeting up at one point.

Those connections are important. Those little connections we make with people every day are very important. I know that, and actually I saw a professor give a lecture about it on Youtube once. I just spent a long time looking for it, but couldn’t find it again. Regardless, I think we all know that it is true.

I think we also all know that missed connections hurt. When the other person has no idea what you mean. They have not the slightest reservoir of experience with your words. Or, they respond by mocking you, and not in a friendly way. Friendly mocking would be a connection. It’s an invitation to explain yourself further, and deepen the understanding between the two of you. That is a way to get past a missed connection. It is best to remember this. Anyway, namaste.

I am Flawed (Sci-Fi Flash Fic)


Since human minds have become demystified, it has changed the way society functions. Society itself is created by our minds, and it is dependent on our understanding of reality. For most of history, any and all mental tools were used to oppress the weak. Towards the final culmination of our understanding, it was inevitable that we found the pieces that were left behind. These pieces could not be understood without the strong becoming weak themselves, to some degree, since understanding is another way of adding components to oneself.

Christine focused on the idea of persuasion, at times. It was the stuff of horror tales. It used to be poorly understood, and treated as nearly paranormal. What would make a person do something that they did not desire, even with a total lack of motivation? Things like group mentality were the first to be understood, in the early history of humanity. It was a simple thing, just to know that humans in groups would begin to act like each other. They would lose their personal motivations in favor of the collective. Later, the more nuanced phenomenon of the bystander effect was understood. We could not ignore the fact that average human beings would merely watch while crimes were committed, and do nothing. It is the reason why bystander laws were created. The threat of punishment was the only known way to override this human glitch.

Nowadays, even more subtle forms of persuasion are understood. The strange and small behaviors of humanity were finally put under the microscope, in order to truly see the mechanisms that moved us towards our futures. Christine knew, like everyone else, that she could be prone to agree with other people on a subject that she knew nothing about. She could be prone to follow the commands of a person she knows and trusts, and only question the action later. It is just a human glitch. She is not to blame. She knows she is not to blame.

She remembered a time, back when she was younger. It was one of those memories that stayed fresh, somehow. It took root, connecting itself to as many of her daily tasks as it could. It insisted upon itself. It was a warning, somehow. It was a memory of pushing her younger sister down a hill. She’d loved her younger sister. She was was the mothering type, as a young girl. Her little sister was quiet, and not particularly cute.

Christine remembered the voices of the children who told her to push the girl, her sister. Back then, she knew their names. She didn’t anymore. The physical memory of pushing her sister was vivid, feeling the cloth of her dress and seeing the fast flick of her hair. She even remembered the jump in her heart, as she felt a split moment of empathy with her sister. She felt like she had fallen down the hill as well. She remembered the feeling of shock, watching her whip down ten feet and land on her back. It was cold. It felt numb. She was lost in it. However, she can’t remember any of her thoughts. Christine knows that’s the important part. She knew, after that moment, about her own flaws. She knew about it before the rest of society did. When it became popular, she felt the excitement in her heart. She thought about that now, too. Everyone knew what she did, now. She wasn’t alone in that moment, anymore. She could live out in the open, with her secret. The secret of knowing she was flawed.


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