Comforting Thoughts on Chaos


So, I read the book How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil. Now, I’m a science fiction enthusiast, not a mathematician. Fortunately, he explains things so that people like me can understand them. It’s very nice of him, really. He’s a very recognizable name, which is why I bought the book.

So, I figured I would highlight the best part of the book, which is actually a theory that is totally mind blowing. I love getting my mind blown, as do many people. I will do my best to relay the mind blowing to you, and if I fail then go Google it, friend.

Anyway, so cellular automata are these bits that are programmed to react to whichever bit is next to it. The pattern forms as each new bit is created. There are rules, like if there is a black next to a white then the next will be white, basically. That’s as well as I understand that.

I have to give credit to the guy, Wolfram. Basically, this is a machine. It is a machine that creates a pattern…..however, they are unable to predict what the bot will do next. It is like pi, where you need to work out the equation in order to predict what the next number will be. There is no other way to know what will happen next. The automata follow the pattern, and the result is formed. We have no way of predicting what they will do. We can only watch. And, somehow, a pattern is formed.

Life is like that, Kurzweil theorizes. We cannot predict how society will form. We cannot predict how we will evolve. Yet, looking back, we can see a pattern. It’s truly beautiful, and awesome. Now that, my friends, is love. Namaste.

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