Dream Sequence#??



All I had was a bag of awkward prom clothes that would look embarrassing on me, and I didn’t have a razor to shave. Let me back up.

I started out trapped in a dorm situation with hazy versions of my lady friends. I say trapped because obviously I’m free of that smelly-sock cafeteria-food nightmare now. We have to clean our room, because we’re going to be “inspected.” I say “fuck that, I’ll do it in ten minutes” and leave to check out the rest of the building.

As I am walking, I am informed that there is a sexy clothing party tonight for us in a different building, and for some reason it is an elementary school. Dream or not, I want to check that shit out.

Let me explain: sometimes I’m aware I’m dreaming, and sometimes I get lost in the dream. It is like being stoned, where sometimes you know you are stoned and sometimes you forget that you got stoned. Surely that should track with most people.

Anyway, I went back to my dorm room and my friends had arranged all their shit into neat little squares, like little shit forts. Meanwhile, my shit was all strewn awkwardly in the corner still. My heart started to race. They were all wearing nice outfits for the party. I started digging through my pile, and only found a couple dresses that didn’t fit the mood. One was a slinky black dress that seemed too formal. The other was a flowy hippie gown that felt….embarrasing. I had nothing trendy to wear. I would have to go with jeans and a T-shirt or someshit. I looked over, and one of my friends with awesome clothes had on these boots with elaborate gems and embroidery, and I was like, “damnit!”

Not only that, but I was hairy! I asked her if I could borrow a razor….I meant a clean one…a disposable one….any shave cream?…..you know what soap is fine…..Somehow I tripped and lost the razor. I ended up sitting downstairs watching TV, and watching the clock. I was procrastinating. Then, I was sitting outside. My friends had left. I had no car. I had no way to get to the party, now. I have social anxiety so I am afraid to use Uber. Suddenly, my ex-boyfriend appeared out of nowhere. He shows up sometimes, for no reason. He sort of comforted me, even though I didn’t want him there. I didn’t want him to drive me to the party. I woke up.

TL;DR time!

Sorry if that was sort of boring…feel free to skim it. Anyway, psychology always says that some parts of us may be young, and need updating. Some parts of me are still afraid that I’ll embarrass myself and wear the wrong clothes and forget to shave. So, I updated that part of me in the shower with some new information…….

I look damn sexy in jeans in a T-shirt 😉 Peace and namaste, all!

(this is not me……………lol)



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