Why do we never feel loved?



I will express this information succinctly, because that is the point of a blog. I will post the video I learned it from, for a more indepth look at this issue. It is a mindblower, that is helpful for anyone on the path towards……please help me! I’m broken and I can’t fix it!

I never feel enough love. I never feel satisfied with my friends or family. They feel shallow and hollow, always looking out for their own gains and never truly understanding me. This world cannot give me what I want. I have visions of ideal love and understanding that, literally, will never exist.

My ideals haunt me. I will never achieve peace, and never get what I want, because my desires do not exist. It is horrifying.

Psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan, long ago, looked deep into the abyss of this problem and found a solution. Hell yeah! He acknowledges that we will never have the ideal love and comfort that we had as babies. It was all an illusion. All we feel is lack. Every one of us merely feel a lack in our lives, dogging us to the end of the earth. It is the source of our neuroses. He identified this problem.

He found a solution, as well. What is better than trying to squeeze love out of a person who is also lacking as well? Reflecting the lack back and forth with that person. Understanding the lack in that person, and expressing our own lack. Bonding over our shared brokeness. This, too, can create the feeling of love. Feedback systems are, obviously and not intuitively, cyclical. Your partner may not give you the love you need, but you can both connect to each other by sharing in each other’s lack. Find someone who lacks the same way you do! This makes sense to me. I feel better. Thanks Jaques Lacan. Video below………it’s about the movie Boss Baby, because Wisecrack don’t give a fuck.



I need to share an important lesson I’ve learned. I also want to point out that this blog is not meant to be read like a regular blog. Feel free to go back and read older posts. I am a poor blogger. I am not good at a thought of the week type of deal. This is a thought-dump site for anyone who chooses to discover it. I imagine someone like myself finding it and being helped, or whatever.

Anyway, plug to Wisecrack on Youtube, who teaches me things that school, even up to my graduate degree, failed to teach me. They explore lost philosophers and psychoanalysts that I have never heard of. Thank you for your service, boys! I am famished for information, and you feed me!


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