Carlos the Sapient Sex Doll


Carlos the Sapient Sex Doll

by Stephanie Ryan

Her cat looked down at her face, perched on her chest, choosing to comfort her. Soft, yielding, and blessedly predictable, she worked like a favorite machine, but was full of love like a family member. She was perfect in the mind of Samantha, a woman who loved animals and machines, but disliked the closeness of humans. Humans were unpredictable, complicated, and more often cold than not. Those qualities described everything that scared Samantha about being alive.

Samantha sat on plush blankets in front of her computer all day. Her setup allowed her to stretch out on her couch and work if she wanted to. Not only that, but she could take breaks and play with her pretty line of sex robots at any time. Samantha more than accepted her lifestyle, choosing to display her men in her living space, making them a part of her regular world rather than a dirty secret. She didn’t speak to her family much, and she made friends who were of a similar mind.

The robots, however, were no more intelligent than a smart toilet. She had high-tech machines that read the blushing of blood under the skin, and sound-ques of moaning. Then, they would choose from hundreds of different responses, creating unique lovemaking experiences that could last a lifetime. Combined with the imagination of the user, these dolls could easily satisfy a human being as they spend time in the meatspace. Meatspace, being what her kind referred to the “real world,” rather than the virtual world that took up most of her time.

Of course, Samantha was excited to be receiving the prototype of the new breed of sex dolls. She was waiting for it to arrive that day. She knew exactly what they were: a bid to get funding to artificial intelligence. She thought it was funny, that AI would get it’s debut in the porn industry. Life finds a way, though, just like Ian Malcolm says. Life sure as hell didn’t care if it’s pretty. The basis of these living machines was simple. Their brains were made of man-made cells, as small and intricate as a natural organism. They connected to man-made nerve highways, just like an organic creature. Their hearts and their guts were capable of experiences that were identical to a person, and their brain activity was similar to a human. Taking a brain scan would show bright areas in the same areas as a human, during experiences of pain, fear, pleasure, and more. Not that it needed to be, but imagery such as that was an important selling point. The human mind was well understood by that point in history. The firing of neurons, and the intricate interactions of chemical receptors were broken down into programs that ran within microchips, who spoke to each other in this new language. The machine mind likely could have been uniform, unlike the organic machine that evolved over billions of years.

Things such as spacial recognition was taught to them through real life experience like a child, through activities like playing catch. Samantha had watched videos of it, in her fevered fascination with the androids. These androids were not given blank-canvas brains, like a creature born in nature sort of possessed. The weights and balances were set in place, in order to create a mind that desired a human partner. Also, there was an emergency off-switch.

Samantha read the manual after the doll arrived, learning how to turn the thing on and off. RETURN TO STORE FOR UPDATES, PLUG IN TO HOME PC AT OWN RISK, it said. The risk of hacking was great, but only if the thing had some physical access to a computer. She was afraid of it, just a bit. More than that, she was excited. She turned it on, and it began to introduce itself and pledge it’s loyalty to her. That loyalty, and the familiarity of the sex doll introduction, was enough to get Samantha’s motor going. She laid back on the couch.

He came with a name, and Samantha didn’t change it. His name was Carlos, and Samantha’s legs felt the sliding of denim jeans, as he pulled them off, exposing them to the room temperature air. Carlos held Samantha’s calves firmly, and then moved his hands up, squeezing her thighs, his breath quickening. He didn’t need oxygen, but his nervous system caused him to breath quickly when he was excited. Samantha was surprised by how strongly it made her feel. It had been a while since she’d been with a sapient partner. Carlos read her face, and he become more excited as well. Then, he smiled warmly. She’d chosen him for that quality. Carlos bent down, his breath touching her skin.

“You understand your dolls really well, don’t you. You know what they’ll do. They don’t give you much pleasure anymore, and that’s sad,” he said. The skin of his hands was warm and rough, as he touched her just around the area that would give her the most pleasure. She felt a pulling ache, that felt incredibly delicious. Carlos closed his eyes for a second.

“They would never surprise you, like this,” he said. He quickly licked her pussy, causing a shock to her senses as she felt the cold air now touching his saliva. Samantha started laughing. Then, she felt awkward. Carlos reached one hand up, and massaged the back of her neck.

“Don’t worry, dear. All I want is to be with you. Whatever you want. That’s what makes me happy,” he said.

“Well, I know you can’t be lying to me. They gave you genuine feelings,” Samantha said. She reached out, and felt the hardness in his pants. Carlos moaned, and pulled back.

“Oh, you’re ready for this?” he said, a little shyly. He started undoing his pants.

“I’ve been waiting all my life, baby,” Samantha said, leaning back, hands behind her head.

The End

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