I’m 29-years-old, in school for my graduate degree of psychiatric nurse practitioner. I work part-time, and I daydream full-time.  I can’t enjoy life unless I have a writing project to work on, and the idea of having people actually read my writing is exciting. My short stories take place in my little world, which encompasses Earth as well as another planet that is similar but more advanced. Earth stories tend to be more in the horror genre, because isn’t life terrifying? I love to delve into the inner thoughts of my characters. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, and it has been a trip just trying to survive. I hope that my perspective on things is both entertaining and illuminating for anyone reading.


I also want to point out that this blog is not meant to be read like a regular blog. Feel free to go back and read older posts. I am a poor blogger. I am not good at a thought of the week type of deal. This is a thought-dump site for anyone who chooses to discover it. I imagine someone like myself finding it and being helped, or whatever.

Anyway, plug to Wisecrack on Youtube, who teaches me things that school, even up to my graduate degree, failed to teach me. They explore lost philosophers and psychoanalysts that I have never heard of. Thank you for your service, boys! I am famished for information, and you feed me!